Ongoing Projects

Here’s a list of all my ongoing projects! Right now my priorities are Six String, Starsballad Land (and the content pack, sold to Mandy Morbid’s Legal fund), Moli Has a Problem, Somethin’ Wicked, and Monsterfucker.


Six Strings
A game about rogues and ruffians, and their shenanigans. A wild, rambunctious, constantly escalating adventure with your friends – who might be assholes, but you love them anyway.

Imagine closing your eyes to take a nap, and waking to find a tree grown through your bedroom floor. Imagine passing over a bridge with the sun in your eyes, and blinking to see the concrete buckled, gnarled roots winning the endless fight between humanity, and everything else.
Veer is a heavily psychological Survival Horror setting, concerning people that Veer from the world-we-know into a world much like it…only retaken by nature, and full of strangeness. There is beauty and danger, in the World Regrown.

Somethin’ Wicked
A game about Cowboys & Witches. They’re the same thing, you see.
A deep dive into dichotomies: night and day, man and woman, force and mystery, violence and magic.

A game about monsters fucking, and/or fucking monsters. A new roleplaying game using the games you played as a kid to create a romance full of passion, pain, and promise.

Moli Has a Problem
Your friend Moli has a problem. She’d a bit of a Mess, but she Tries Her Best. Sometimes everybody needs help, no matter how hardcore. A game about punks helping each other out.

TrashPlanet! (redux)
Trash Planet! Is a post-industrial junkpunk game about radical crafting. In this game we’ll get into trouble looking for useful things, then using what you find to get back out of trouble. You can be anything: cute robots, space rats, even a human! Played with two decks of cards and a couple d6s, this is a quick, easy-to-learn game that anyone can play!

Dreaming House
Home is where we all return. Dreaming House is a rumination on koselig – home, cosiness, warmth, the reasons we go out adventuring, and the things we bring back home with us. A game about relationships and home decorating.

The Spring
A game about the intersection of families with public spaces.

A game about the Labyrinth. It’s about growing up, finding our way, and all the things we have to sacrifice to get what we want. (a hack of ribbon drive)

Commedia Game
A game about hijinks and shenanigans, based on the tropes, stories, and conventions of Commedia Del’Arte

Little Gears
A Victorian hack of Little Fears, the game of Childhood Horror.


Starsballad Land
The Dark and Lovely Forest is set in the Gleamweald, a vast, dark fairytale land where so many mysterious creatures and adventures can be found. Meet witches, animal folk, and stranger things in the darkness of the forest.

Pushpins (needs new title)
A Girl’s Guide to the Wonderdark
Visit a world much darker than ours, but also brighter, full of danger but also possibility. This setting is truly global, featuring organic beasts and folk from all over the planet, and a unified theory to tie them all together. Dive into a rich, living world where survival requires knowing the rules, but all rules can be broken.

Interdimensional adventures! Tatterdemalion consists of two nations: a travelling caravan, and a pirate fleet, both moving through the planes in search of adventure. Dive into a colourful, diverse world, full of new cultures and peoples as vibrant as they are varied.

Fantasy Planet
Fantasy Planet is a cooperative project, where various creators can find a home for their fantasy lands. It emphasises crossover, multiculturalism, and non-eurocentric fantasy.

The Signal
The world changed, and we had to change more than we knew. Strange as it was, we found the old tech served us best. Now we have steam generators and telegraphs, and with them, we keep danger away just one night more.
A solarpunk setting about danger, sacrifice, community, and the sacred nature of communication.

The Myths that we knew once never died, they impress themselves over and over upon the world, and on the people in the world. A setting where in one city block, everyone lives out ancient patterns, falling into the same triumphs, the same loves, the same mistakes.

Clockwork Lullabye
Five time periods, set into an alternative history London.
The Glorious: Elisabethan High-stakes Espionage and Intrigue
The Baroque: Restoration-era Scientific and Artistic gambits.
The Victorious: Victorian urban Horror and Wonder
The Visionary: 1920s Pulp Fantasy in the age of Flight and Radio
The Fractured: Post-apocalyptic rebellion and resistance

The Timepiece’s Lullabye
A setting where time bends and twists and curls and warps. There’s a lot of time in London, after all, and it doesn’t all get used up at once. Has to go somewhere, doesn’t it?

A war between the Fair Folk, set in 90s inner-city US. What do you do when the world can’t see the real you? How about if it doesn’t even want to? Seelie and Unseelie, Rich and Poor, Black and White – all these boxes too small to contain our realities. A journey through poverty, class, music, and folklore.

Endless War (new title here)
Host and Demons, the conflict that’s always been and always will, or so they tell us. Demons fighting over territory and status in hell, Host trying to find them and kill them, humans getting in the way.
Tone: baroque. Complex, heavy-handed stories with lots of intrigue. Maybe southern gothic , lush and damp romanticism (set in Savannah maybe?)

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