FLAILSNAILS Class: The Child

By Shoe

The child is 7+ years old, a clever, resourceful scamp. As they level, they approach the capabilities of most 1st level characters.  Unless otherwise mentioned, run Children as Thieves/Specialists.

Creating a Child

Roll abilities scores as 4d6 drop highest (instead of 3d6) https://anydice.com/program/14d6e 

D4 starting HP (only bonuses apply)

Starting equipment: 1d6cp, a blanket or stuffie, a slingshot or wooden sword,  too-big coat with huge pocketses, a toy or puzzle, one piece of incriminating information and three secrets. 


Still Growin’: 100% XP Bonus

Precocious: You have a bonus to rolls to get adults to look out for you, protect you. (advantage), and you have a penalty to be taken seriously by adults (disadvantage)

Animal friend: Animals like you. Dogs and rats  love you. You can talk to animals that like kids and they’re inclined to protect you and help you out.   You have a bonus to help your animal buddies. If an adult has already failed to make friends with an animal, you will always succeed. 

Pocketses: You have whatever little tchotchkes  you need in your pockets.

Bounce Back: You have rubber bones and plenty of pluck, you are indomitable. Any time you would die, you instead use one of your birthday presents getting out of it. 

Leveling/Birthday Parties

Each level gained represents a year of growth. You get stronger and tougher:

+1d6 HP, 2x Ability score increase. 

You also celebrate with a birthday party, on each you receive a present from the following list, chosen by your friends (cross out when received): An animal friend, a special (magical)  item, a wee spellbook (with d4+1 spells), a treasure map, a magic talking backpack.  

Cake. Each piece is equivalent to a d8 healing potion. 

Candles. Treat as very tiny everlasting torches. 

A paper crown. When you wear it, you get +2 charisma. Take good care, it’s fragile!

Remember, the more people come to your party, the more presents you get! 

After your fifth such birthday, you may begin gaining levels as a regular character and lose the benefits of childhood. Every birthday after the first, your xp bonus drops by 20% every birthday. Everyone grows up, eventually….


Alternate Death Mechanic

Instead of losing birthday presents when you would die, lose Luck instead. Your luck is taken from your age below 20 and when it’s gone, you’re jaded and done being a child, forever. 


Animals that like kids

  • Cute animals
  • Wee animals
  • Baby animals
  • Domesticated animals
  • Bees

Animals that might not like kids:

  • Scary animals
  • Mean animals
  • Super-hungry animals 
  • Wasps
  • Huge snakes – but hey, we could be wrong


String, pins, cool rocks, glass, ties, spoons, dice, beads, etc etc etc 

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