FLAILSNAILS Class: The Child

By Shoe The child is 7+ years old, a clever, resourceful scamp. As they level, they approach the capabilities of most 1st level characters.  Unless otherwise mentioned, run Children as Thieves/Specialists. Creating a Child Roll abilities scores as 4d6 drop highest (instead of 3d6) https://anydice.com/program/14d6e  D4 starting HP (only bonuses apply) Starting equipment: 1d6cp, a… Continue reading FLAILSNAILS Class: The Child

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sing along and it just might get you through

25Jun 2013 edit: you’ll want to add ‘former’ to ‘friend’ in the opening paragraph.    So recently, my friend Zak asked me a question about the differences between playing D&D, and playing Monsterhearts.  I play in his game every week, as well as with lots of other people that run #FLAILSNAILS games. He’d seen me… Continue reading sing along and it just might get you through