no footprints in the sand

Fri, 22 Jan 2010 18:06:17 +0000


Lady Gaga, since I realised she existed (on New Years Eve) has been a conundrum for me. She seems – now maybe I’ve going out on a limb here, maybe I’m looking for Interesting because I desperately want to see it – actually interesting. Actually creative. Disgust with modern popjunk notwithstanding, her outfits are cool and it’s nice to see fetish fashion in the limelight, even given my hatred for fetish footwear. You know what? I’m too tired to reject. Her outfits are pretty, and I like them. Her songs are catchy as hell, and I have a funny idea that she could make decent music if she wanted to. So why doesn’t she?  *shrug* Maybe she just doesn’t want to, for the same reasons I could make more ‘real art’ and fewer drawings of pinup girls with elaborate hairdos.