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Trash Planet!

15 Jul 2015

The Game

Ages ago, the humans – already spreading slowly and meticulously through space – discovered the Wormhole.  On the other side was a paradise: a large cluster of planets teeming with resources, all quite like Earth.

A home away from home.

With Terra an enormous junkyard with several orbiting landfill moons, folks were eager to colonise these new worlds. Over time, anybody with the cash went through, taking their infrastructure with them.

Not you, though. You’re one of the teeming masses, stuck at the old homestead, hanging out with Sol.

On the bright side, all the rich people left all their junk behind.

Character Generation

Shuffle a deck! Draw four.  Use the chart below to determine your stats:

A = 5 J, Q, K = 4 8, 9, 10 = 3 4, 5, 6, 7 = 2 2, 3 = 1

Assign your four numbers as you like to the following stats:

Clever: Solve a Problem, Make a Plan, Manipulate, Pants It

Crafty: Make Something, Fix Something, Hack Something

Connected: Make Friends. Make Stories. Wrangle Beasties. Find Help.

Cussed: Do Violence, Survive Trauma, Make or Take

Rules for Scavenging

Skill checks in Trash Planet! are resolved by rolling a d6. Roll at or under your stat to succeed. To help or hinder another, roll. A success shifts their result accordingly. For every Danger card that comes into play, the players may request a Damage draw. If they like, players may ask for Damage draws any time whilst in a junkyard.  When they do, the GM draws Danger cards as well.
If a player has badly failed a roll, they may choose to push their luck. When a player declares that they would like to push their luck, the GM will draw one card. Once a match is gotten (either number or suit) the player succeeds.  Each card drawn past the first will bring a Consequence into play. A player can also push their luck to add an element to the story.