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Tatterdemalion Session Report: The Swamp

29Mar 2013

Swamp Map

So last night I ran Tatterdemalion  for +Eric Boyd, +Max Kielbasa and +Kenneth Lor, and they all claimed they had a lot of fun!  This is a nice change from the first time I tried running D&D, which is when it went down like a lead zepplin. (Not Led Zepplin, sadly, which would have been pretty damn rad.)  Part of the reason it might have worked is that I  stopped trying to be creative, gave in to the conventions a bit, and just made a damn map and sent them to it.   It was one of the maps I’d made in Scetcher, which is an Android app I like VERY much.

Anyhow! The adventure began when one of the Caravan Oblates let the characters know that one of the Elders had a job for them. They were admitted into the company of an old man riding atop an enormous riding turtle that had been fitted with a papasan atop his shell.  The characters were told that one of the Caravan’s families had broke away from the rest, gone looking for one of their little ones that had toddled off into a swamp. They were sent to rescue the family! They ended up rescuing all the living members of the family, save one that had perished of exposure and had to be left behind. The party ALSO dealt with a Swamp Hag, a lonely Swamp Maiden, some Swamp Pixies, and a Crocolog. They almost lost their little Pixie Guide!  They saved her, though, which was awesome. Overall we saw some real heroics, and an awesome use of corpses for creative purposes. TOTALLY APPROVE.

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