20Mar 2012

This is Wembit. He came to live with me several months back, when I had determined to find a companion for Nimbus Cloud. He was (in a way) a rescue; I got him out of one of the breeder/feeder tanks at the local pet store. I needed a baby, see, and there weren’t any baby  girls among the pet rats, so I decided to take a chance. I’m so glad I did!

Wembit was so very fearful at first, but now he’s as affectionate and loving as can be.  I used Forced Socialisation as my chosen method of socialising him, due to how fast it works, and his very young age – only five weeks!  It worked like a charm!  While at first he ran from me, and cowered, now he is happy to groom me and take food from my fingers. He still doesn’t like being grabbed and taken from the cage, and will cling to anything handy to avoid it. In all other ways, however, he is wonderfully affectionate. In fact, he is the most marvellously licky rat! I love it.