Nimbus Cloud

9 Mar 2012


Got a new pet today – it’s actually a pretty interesting story. It all came from my desire to catch Stoverton…and make a pet of him! Turned out to be folly, of course – Stoverton has no wish to be kept! He likes being a kitchen-mouse, apparently… Ah well!

Da suggested I go and get myself a hamster, and Tyler agreed. The lady at the pet store, however, convinced me that a rat was way better. As I’ve loved rats forever, I was pretty easy to convince! She handed me one more-or-less at random (I’d asked to see a female) and….the moment I held her, and she came so easily into my hands, I knew I was going to take her home. She’s adorable! She’s also inquisitive, engaging, friendly, and curious, all qualities I admire.