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how I long to see him, and regret the dark hour

Fri, 29 Jan 2010 03:21:29 +0000


100_1803.JPGSo!  Those of you who follow my twitter may remember me tweeting about getting a new instrument…or you may not. I told people they would have to guess what new instrument I got, and @citydifferent asked if he could have an mp3 of me playing it if he guessed correctly (was it happened, he did), which I thought was pretty fantastic. He’s going to have to wait a while, though.

Not only have I no idea how to play the blasted thing, but I’ve never played a chorded instrument before at all…unless you count things I played before I was ten. I don’t count that, though, because though that would make the number of instruments I play round up to a tidy six (even then, you’d have to count the miniharp as an autoharp), it would also make me feel a bit foolish if anyone ever, you know…asked me to play them.  I really can’t.

So! How to wrap my head around the idea of chords, after years of playing things where notes were tidy and one-at-a-time, and sometimes (piano, pennywhistle, sweet potato ocharina) even arranged helpfully in order?

100_1820.JPGOBVIOUSLY, the answer is to lay the instrument itself aside and head to the sewing room!  YEAH!

The thing, being the cheapie that it was, came with a cheapie bag. This Will Not Do! At least, not when I can take it apart and make it look MUCH cooler. This will likely be a bit of a work-in-progress, as not only have I not picked out the fabric I want to use on the outside, I don’t even really know what I want to make it out of.  I do have a few things I want to use, though. I want to make use of the plastic ironing idea laid out in this post.  Hopefully this will protect against rain and unexpected bloodbaths. If I should need a total seal I’ll just line the inside seams with hotglue, I guess. I’d like to have knitted fabric in there somewhere, because…umm, I like knitting?100_1823.JPG



I also have this cool patchwork fabric that I made for a set of curtains ages ago.  They’re basically patch-worked out of several pairs of jeans, and sewn with silvery thread that glitters beautifully, especially against the darker fabrics. They look really neat, I think, but they weren’t working as curtains: they weren’t on my windoes so they aren’t doing their job! The obvious answer is to cut them up and use them for an instrument case.  Or I could just use my old black trousers from school, the ones I got to do tech for the school theatre.  Ah, those were the days! Where I keep coming blank, really, is quilted fabric to add a bit of softness. I have canvas and plastic for strength, stiffness and waterproofiness, but what about a bit o’ padding?  STAY TUNED. Future rambling will most likely occur.